Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday-Best Gift I Ever Received

Knowing full well how sappy I sound the best give I ever received was a proposal.  

Last Christmas Eve my now husband proposed to me outside of the church I grew up going to with my whole family watching.  They all (and pretty much the whole world) knew it was coming but I had no idea.  I had a gut feeling that he would be proposing soon but I thought it would either be Christmas morning or New Years Eve.  I even had new pajamas to wear Christmas morning and a new outfit for New Years Eve so that I would look nice when it happened.  He fooled me with the date but not with everything.

He tried to be all sneaky by telling me not to balance our expenses that month because he had bought me a Christmas present and didn't want me to see it.  This would have worked great if he hadn't asked me to purchase my own Christmas present on my Nordstrom credit card so I could take advantage of my employee discount.  He didn't account for me being so observant! I was pretty sure he had the ring because of all this but I tried so hard not to be waiting for it.  

The ring he picked out was perfect and I can't imagine a more beautiful ring to wear for the rest of my life.  We got married in a small ceremony in November and will be having a bigger, more formal wedding this summer in Hawaii.  I love being his wife and unless I have a baby (hey it could happen my birthday is on Christmas) on Christmas I can't imagine ever getting a better Christmas present.

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