Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Ups

After a fairly eventful December and holiday season my husband and I tried to have a quiet first weekends of January.  Last weekend was another fairly low key weekend but we did venture out to attend a baby shower for a some friends of ours.

I have been to many baby showers (and expect to end plenty more) but this coed shower was the first shower my husband had ever been to.  The shower was gender neutral with a rubber ducky theme so there was lots of yellow and grey decorations scattered around the room. The parents to be know the gender of the baby but are keeping it to themselves. 

The first game we plaid was a guess what book the quote is from.  There were six quotes on the wall from children's books and we had to try to identify them.  I think I managed to get two of them correct and had the right author for a third one.

The second game was to guess what type of baby food it was.  This game needed volunteers so I immediately volunteered my husband.  He was a good sport of it and said that the ones that were just made of fruits or vegetables were ok but the ones that had meat in them were a bit weird.  

The last game we played was a guess the price of different baby items game.  Years of working in retail paid off and I got many of the prices exactly right.  This game also gave me the opportunity to introduce my husband to the ever popular Sophie teething toy.  Even the favors tied right into the duck theme.  There were little scented soaps that had a ducky on them that smelled wonderful.

After all the food, games and gifts were over the guys left to go get a drink at a bar down the street so that the girls could get henna tattoos.  The mom to be got a beautiful crescent moon design on her belly.  I decided to go with getting my design on my foot. When went to work the next day many people asked me if I got a tattoo but alas it will fade in a few weeks.  I like tattoos on other people but have never found something I want permanently on my body.

In case you haven't heard we are having a drought here in California.  This week the weather decided to help us get out of the drought this week and we had rain off and on all week.  We need the rain and it gave me an excuse to wear my cute rain boots so I was fine with the rain.

After a fairly quiet beginning of the year we made up for it this past Friday and Saturday.  Friday night we met up with my husband's brother, sister in law and niece for dinner at Soup Plantation.  We are all trying to eat a bit healthier so a salad bar place sounded like a good idea.  They had a Sriracha carrot soup that was amazing.  I liked it so much that I am going to try to recreate it at my house sometime soon. 

We finished off our meal with some teeny tiny ice cream cones.  Some people may have had multiple tiny ice cream cones! After dinner we headed up north to meet up with my husband's sister and we all went and saw my other brother in law in a play.

It was opening night of the play so there was a little reception after the play.  The play is called 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee so it is only fitting that they had Oreos dressed up like bees.  There were many other kid themed food including peanut butter and jelly sushi but the bees were the cutest ones.

After our late night Friday I got up and met my mom at the mall Saturday morning so that she could help me get my wedding registry all set up. More details on that to come in the coming week!

Saturday night my husband and I met his brother and sister in law at their complex for a martini and appetizer party.  It started at 5 and only went till 7 so we had planned to be there right at the beginning to take the most advantage of the food and drinks but life happened and we didn't get there until 6. We each had four drink tickets and we didn't want to waste them so at one point our table looked like there were about 8 people there instead of just the four that actually were.

My husband doesn't really drink martini's so I ended up with a few extra drinks and he ended up the designated driver.  They had about 6 or 7 different kinds of martinis but the lemon drop was my favorite.  I had a cosmo at the beginning and a chocolate martini at the end as desert but the middle was all lemon drops.  We made the most of our time there and managed to use all our drink coupons but then we had to run to Home Depot because our bathroom light went out that morning.  Oh being an adult and not wanting to shower in the dark.

After a busy Friday and Saturday we spent Sunday doing pretty much nothing. It was glorious!  Just what we needed after busy weekend.  I slept in and then did a bit of laundry and some cooking but just enjoyed doing nothing.

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  1. looks so fun cathy and those boots are adorable! so glad i found your blog through the link up and hope youll stop by mine!