Monday, January 18, 2016

Stitch Fix #8

My Stitch Fix box came last week and it seemed to be sponsored by the color black.  Almost everything in the box this month was black.

It is hard to see the details of this skirt in the picture but it is was a thin stretchy material.  This skirt could have been classified as a sort of high low skirt but instead of the back being long and the front short it was one side that was short and the other side was longer. This short side as a little sort and it was a bit too tight to be work appropriate so it went back.

This blouse was cute and fit well but for what it was it was expensive so I sent it back too. Again hard to see the details in the picture but it had a notched neckline that made it a more interesting blouse.

When I pulled this out of the box my first thought was "ummm do the people at Stitch Fix think I am a 45 year old frumpy woman?" I tried the shirt on and my initial thought was pretty much spot on.  Super frumpy and not flattering so obviously this went back.

This blouse fit and was cute enough but I just didn't seem like anything special.  I didn't dislike this one but didn't really have any strong feelings about it at all so I took that as a sign that I should send this one back too.

I pulled the cardigan out of the box and immediately though "I hope this fits because I love the color." Good news! The cardigan fit and I have already added it to my wardrobe and worn it to work. It is a really nice burgundy three quarter sleeve cardigan that fits right in with many things already in my closet.

I wore my new cardigan last week with my basic black cami and one of my favorite pencil skirts along with a jeweled necklace that my best friend gave me last Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed my recap of my box this month and if you would like you own box feel free to use my link to sign up.

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