Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk...The New Year

Today I am linking up with a new series called Let's Talk...

The topic for this month is New Years: Resolution, Goals and What You are Looking Forward To

A few weeks ago I wrote a little bit about some of my goals for the year but now that I have had a few more weeks to think about my upcoming year I am going to update them a bit and share a bit about what I am looking forward to in 2016.

I want to focus on getting my body healthier this year. I have a group of coworkers that I walk with everyday during our breaks so that is a good start but in addition to just walking I want to focus on toning my body.  I have probably 20 pounds or so that I should probably lose and while looking nice in my wedding dress is part of the motivation the real motivation is getting my body ready to have a baby. I have a bad back so when I do get pregnant all that extra weight is not going to be the best thing for my body. 

That brings me to something I am looking forward to but also am totally nervous about.  My husband and I are planning to start trying for a baby near the end of this year.  Who knows how long it will take to get pregnant but the thought that 2016 is the year that it could happen is exciting and terrifying. 

While my husband and I technically already got married last November we decided to continue with our plan to have our wedding in Hawaii over the summer. This is the destination dream wedding I always planned in my head so to see it slowly becoming a reality is wonderful.  I have my dress and the save the dates have been set so my next big project is choosing, ordering and sending out the invitations.

I have two sisters so this means two maids of honor.  One sister is throwing me a bachelorette party in a few weeks and the other one is throwing me a bridal shower in March.  I am looking forward to both parties and spending time with all my favorite woman in my life.  

With much of the first half of the year dedicated to wedding planning, wedding events and the wedding itself I am just going to focus on soaking it all in and enjoying it.  I am going to try not to stress and trust that everything will come out wonderfully even if it is not the way I had originally envisioned it.

I want to make time to do more reading. I decided in December that during 2015 I had not read nearly enough book so I put books on my Christmas list.  My family and friends listened and I got 8 new books to read so I have a head start on this one. With all that is going on in my life I have decided that reading at least 1 book a month is a reasonable goal.  I have almost finished my first book so I am on track so far!

Looking forward to seeing what adventures this year brings!


  1. Your dress is GORGEOUS!!!!! Good luck with wedding planning!!!

  2. love your dress and YAY wedding planning! cant wait to keep up with your blog! its super cute! hope you'll drop by mine as well :)

  3. Maintaining a yearly 'one book per month' average was my resolution several years back, and it's probably been my favorite one ever. Keeping a running list helps me, because I get competitive with myself and can easily see whether I'm on track or need to step things up (plus it turns out to be a great resource when other folks ask for recommendations). Enjoy!