Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Win My Heart-Show and Tell Tuesday

Linking up with Show and Tell Tuesday and as Valentine's Day is fast approaching the topic is How to Win Your Heart.  Short answer: Flowers, hugs and cheese with a little wine thrown in there for good measure!  

Ok in all seriousness you will need a lot more than flowers, hugs and cheese to win and keep my heart but those three are a good start.  My husband has won my heart in so many ways but just being a wonderful, kind, thoughtful, caring, patient, funny, loyal, hard working, loving, smart, strong and giving person which are all traits I was looking for in my lifelong partner.

Just last week I came home from work after what had turned out to be a very trying day and my husband was unloading some groceries.  I came into the kitchen and there was the bouquet of flowers in the picture above sitting on the counter waiting for me.  It was not Valentine's Day or any other special flower giving occasion but he just saw the flowers as he walked into the grocery store (a place he doesn't go very often) and just felt like buying them for me. This totally made me day and changed my mood immediately.  

Another easy way to win my heart is hugs.  No matter what the problem or reason a hug from my husband immediately makes it better. No, it does not fix anything but just a hug can calm me down enough to take on whatever needs to be taken on.  He is pretty good at recognizing when I need a hug and he is never stingy on hugs!

Flowers and hugs and really any thoughtful gesture are going to win my heart but when all else fails always cheese! You can never go wrong with cheese!

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  1. Amen to cheese! Cheese makes anything better! And so sweet your husband surprised you with flowers! Happy Tuesday!