Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

I missed this last month but I am linking up with What's Up Wednesday again this month.

What we're eating this week:  Last month I went out to dinner with my husband's family to Sweet Tomato. They had a really fabulous siracha carrot soup that I loved so I decided to try and recreate it at home. I ended up making a carrot and coconut milk blended soup with siracha in it and it turned out wonderfully.  I am definitely adding this to my repertoire of soups.

What I'm reminiscing about: I am reminiscing back to my bachelorette party this past weekend. I had so much fun and took a million pictures so be sure to come back next week for the full recap. My sister did a fantastic job planning it.

What I'm loving: I am loving that I have a few trips coming up in the next few months.  I am heading to NYC to meet up with my sister and if our last trip to NYC is any indication this trip will be fantastic. I am also heading to my 10 year college reunion this spring. I can't be old enough the have a 10 year reunion but that is another story.

What we've been up to: Well, now the holidays and all that comes along with the are over I have been trying to do some cleaning, tidying and general cleaning out of our condo.  I spend many hours over President's day weekend cleaning things out and took many bags to Goodwill.

What I'm dreading: I am trying to keep a positive attitude at the moment.  There are some things happening around me that I have no control over so I am just trying to focus my energy on the positive and not dwell on what I can't change.

What I'm working on: Even though we legally got married in November we still have a wedding in June and it is coming up fast.  I went with my mom and got my registry all set up so my next project is to finalize the logistic details so that I can order the invitations and get them sent out to all my lovely family and friends.

What I'm excited about: I am super excited about my bridal shower that is coming up in just a few weeks. One sister threw the fabulous bachelorette party and the other one is throwing me a bridal shower.  Judging by the invitation it too is going to be fabulous.

What I'm watching/reading: I am still watching Grimm, The Blacklist and Agents of Shield with my husband along with Agent Carter which I love.  I think the clothes have a lot to do with my love of the show.

What I'm listening to: Mostly whatever comes on my Pandora which is usually a mix of country and a random mix of 90s-00s pop music.  Everyone needs some Britney in their life every once in a while. I have been working on a project at work that is a bit repudiative so my headphones have been on a lot this week.

What I'm wearing: I actually haven't bout much recently but I did buy a green new little racer back dress to wear at my bachelorette party.

I also got a cute flowered dress that I am thinking would be perfect to wear to my bridal shower next month.  The model looks a bit odd in this picture but the dress looks better on me than on her!

What I'm doing this weekend: Not too exciting on my agenda this weekend.  I think it will be a combination of cleaning, cooking and finishing putting up my St. Patrick's Day decorations. After a few eventful weekends and more coming up it will be nice to have a quite weekend at home with my husband.


  1. that books look great! were voting on our new book club book on my blog and i'd love for you to come vote and read with us next month! so glad i found you through the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine!

  2. Hope your shower is a blast!
    Thanks for linking up with us for What's Up Wednesday! :)