Monday, February 15, 2016

A Whole Bunch of Disneyland Pictures

I hoped on a plane super early last Saturday morning and was in Orange County in time for breakfast. 

I hung out in the lobby of the Hilton Anaheim for a little while waiting for a friend to pick me up.

I had to wear my cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt because if I can't wear this shirt to Disneyland than really where can I wear it.  That green cardigan didn't last too long.  The weather warmed up pretty quickly.

The park is still celebrating it's 60th anniversary so there are diamonds and sparkles all over the place.

Obviously all the cool adults ride the carousal and then take selfies. This proves we are cool adults.

Sadly it was a windy weekend so the fireworks were cancelled both nights I was there. Fortunately the tea cups are so pretty at night so that makes up for some of not getting to see the fireworks.

The second day I channeled my inner Belle with a big flowered headband.  Since I had to suck it up and wear tennis shoes for walking around I decided to go comfy with the rest of my outfit too.  I wore my Zella yoga pants with my favorite camisole and a heather grey henley tunic.

The Matterhorn has a single rider line so I got to go on it twice during my weekend trip.

On most trips I don't go on the Teacups because the line is not worth it but when I came into Fantasyland Sunday morning and the line was super short I decided to take a spin.  I bet no one is surprised that I decided to ride in the purple teacup.

My family likes Star Wars but when I got married I joined a family of super huge Star Wars fans so I decided to head into the Star Wars Experience to see what it was all about.

I even stood in line (the line was only about 20 minutes) so that I could take my picture with Chewbacca. He was so funny and kept patting the flower on my head.

My husband and I (and his family) are working our way though all the Marvel movies/TV shows in chronological order so I decided to venture into the super hero area.

It wasn't part of the exhibit but as I was leaving the park one night I saw a poster for Agent Carter and had to stop for a picture.  She may not technically be a super hero but she is definitely my favorite.  All the fabulous clothes she wears might have something to do with it.

I couldn't get the whole poster in my selfie #selfieproblems despite my best efforts so I just had to take one without me in it.

I ended up bringing home the box that my chocolates came in even though those chocolates were long gone.

My view of all the pretty lights from my dinner at the Alfresco Tasting Terrace was just so nice I had to take many many pictures.

 California Adventure was celebrating the Lunar New Year so one whole side of the part was done up for the celebration.

I picked a good day to go because I just happen to be there on the 15th anniversary of the opening of California Adventure. They were handing out special buttons and news papers as people walked into the park.  I kept the souvenirs but forgot to take a picture of them.

While I chose to go to Disneyland this particular weekend partly because the Super Bowl was being held near my home it followed me.  Monday there was a parade celebrating Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos Super Bowl win.

I am not a huge football fan but I decided since I was there I might as well watch the parade.  The best part of this whole thing was seeing the looks on the faces of Peyton's two little kids as they rode on the float down Main Street. Those two little kids were so excited to be riding in a parade on a float with Mickey Mouse.  They had huge smiles on their face and were waving to everyone.

All in all this was a fabulous trip but I was also happy to come home to my husband and my own comfy bed.


  1. wow what a blast cathy! so glad i came across your blog through the linkup and i can't wait to read more! hope you'll stop by mine!

  2. I've not been to Disney since I was little and REALLY want to go back! Thankfully, my inlaws want to talk our daughter next year when she is three, so I know a trip is in my near future =0) Looks like you had so much fun!

    Stopped over from the linkup! Would love if you stopped by my blog too!