Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Favorite Pinterest Pin

We all know that Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for all kinds of things.  Need decorating ideas. Pinterest. What to make for dinner? Pinterest. Want to make a beer themed dinner for you boyfriend? Pinterest.

Ok maybe that last one is not something people think about everyday but that is what I was looking for when I came upon this Beer and Mac and Cheese with Bacon.

The very first year I was dating my now husband I decided that I was going to make a beer tasting themed dinner for his birthday. I went to BevMo and got 5 different beers and set up a beer tasting complete with scoring cards and little tasting cups.  I knew his favorite brand of beer so I made sure to include one of them.  No one was surprised that it was the one he rated the highest. After the tasting portion of the meal was over we got to enjoy our favorite beers over dinner.

Our first course was a salad with a beer vinaigrette. Next for the main course I went to my trusty Pinterest account for inspiration. My husband likes bacon about as much as he likes beer so when I saw this recipe for Beer Mac and Cheese with Bacon I knew this was the winner. This dish is by no means a light dish so ignoring your diet for the day is a prerequisite. We had his favorite ice cream for desert and called it a night.

The whole night was a success and I think I made a good impression on my then boyfriend because I am now proud to call him my husband.

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