Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stitch Fix #9

Last week I got my Stitch Fix box but my handsome photo taker has been dog sitting so photos of the clothes on the bed instead of on me will have to do.  Well, that reason and the fact that one of the pieces didn't fit me.

Let's start with the good this month.  I got this fun printed dress and decided to keep it.  It has 3/4 length sleeves so I can even wear it to work without having to worry about wearing a cardigan with it.

This black and white blouse was cute but not terribly different from anything I already own so I decided to send it back.

The color of this sweater actually looked better on me than I thought it would.  I ended up liking the color but I didn't like the way the neckline laid so I sent this back too.

This sweater fit me really oddly.  I am super short waisted but this sweater was too long to be a cropped sweater and way to short to be worn as a regular comfy sweater.  I also do not like cowl necks on me so this one definitely went back.

The last thing in my box was a pair of jeggings.  Off the bat I am kind of opposed to jeggings especially on me but I tried them on anyway.  These pants did not do anything to sway me to the jeggings camp. They were too big in the waist and when I finally got them over my hips it was very obvious that they were too small in the hips.  For obvious reasons these went back.

Last month my box was almost completely black so I requested more color this time around. They listened and sent me more color and even though I only ended up keeping one piece I was happy they listened.

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself you can use my referral link and I will be back next month with my next review.

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