Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Disneyland Food

I spent the weekend in Disneyland and while I promise I did things besides eat this post is all about the food.

I forgot to take a picture of this giant cupcake before my friend and I dug into it.  This fancy 60th Anniversary cupcake was lemon with a raspberry filling. It was so big and had so much frosting that even though we split the cupcake neither of us could even finish it.

While I love the rides and the nostalgia of Disneyland I can't really argue the point that California Adventure really does have the better food.  One day I had a totally Cathy lunch and stopped off at the Sonoma Terrace for a cheese plate and a hard cider.  I just sat there enjoying the shade, rested my feet and people watched.

One day I headed to one of my favorite hidden (or not so hidden) spots for lunch.  Carthay Circle Lounge is the downstairs from the fancy Carthay Circle Restaurant but you don't need a reservation to eat at the lounge.  They have a great cocktail menu and fun small bites.  I try to give different drinks each time I go but sometimes I just have to stick to my old favorite of Pimm's Punch on a warm day.  The atmosphere is so different in than in the rest of the park that even though you may be tired and sweaty you can't help but feel a little swanky sitting there in the lounge.

After lunch I treated myself to some special 60th Anniversary truffles.

The truffles were pretty good but I am in love with the fancy box they came in.  The truffles are long gone but I brought home the box to keep as a souvenir.

One evening I headed to dinner at the Alfresco Dining Terrace, which is above the Wine Country Trattoria. The have all kinds of wines to choose from and if you can't choose just one they have a variety of wine flights too.

The really cool thing about the wines they serve at this place is that all the wineries have some connection to the Disney name.  Some are Disney relatives, some are Disney employees and others are stars of Disney movies. 

You might see a trend here but I ordered the cheese and charcuterie plate here too. You can't really go wrong with a plate of cheese, meats and nuts.

I also had some delicious risotto balls. See a cheese theme.  One of the nice things about this restaurant is that because you are on the second floor of the building you have a great view of the park all lit up at night.  I took many pictures but I will save those for another post.

The weather kept getting warmer and warmer as the weekend progressed so I had to end my trip with a really big ice cream cone.  This cone was almost as tall as my head but my oh my it was delicious.  A perfect way to end my trip.

This trip I actually managed to take a decent number of photos so come back later in the week for another post with the rest of my non food photos.  I even caught the parade with Peyton Manning on a float with Mickey Mouse.

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