Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's Talk About...Guys

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their monthly "Talk". This month the topic is the guys in our life.

When I think about the important guys in my life I assume no one is surprised that the first person I think of is my wonderful husband.

We have known each other about 4 years, been together about 3 years, got engaged 14 months ago and got married just over 3 months ago.  We are already technically married but are still going forward with our original plan of getting married in Hawaii this summer. I am so glad that about 3 years ago he got up the courage to ask me out and I am so thankful that I said yes.  The rest is history.

I have talked about in our love story in the past so I have decided to just talk do a random facts type of thing in general.

My husband is the third of four kids. He has two older brothers and a younger sister.

He moved to the US as young child after living/visiting 3 continents.  He did more traveling in his first 5 years than he has done the rest of his life!

He played football and wrestled in high school and continued to wrestle in college.

He has put himself through college and then through his MBA program (where we met) by working full time.  I only worked during my MBA program (and that was a lot) so I so proud of his dedication to his education.

My husband is a nerd in the cutest way. He and his brothers have these conversations about all kinds of superhero/sci-fi characters in games and shows and remember it all in such great detail.  I just sit their in awe of their wealth of knowledge on a topic I have no background in.

He had a bit of a mustache when we were first dating and he asked me if I like it.  I told him I wasn't so fond of it (it tickled) and he has never had one since.

He wears polo shirts to work almost everyday so he has them in many colors.  Sometimes he has to ask me he has already worn a certain color that week!

We both have siblings and loved it so we can't imagine only have an only child. Hopefully the universe is on board with this plan.

My husband has the kindest heart and goes out of his way to make sure I feel loved everyday.  

I know he is going to be a fantastic dad because if he cares so much about his niece his love for his children is going exponentially larger.

He loves most beers but hates IPAs.  He says they taste like licking a pine tree and I kind of have to agree. Someday I am going to take him to the Guinness Factory in Dublin because I know he would have a fabulous time.

We have had many adventures so far and I have not doubt we have many adventures coming up.  I am glad I get to share those adventures with him.

While my husband holds a very special place in my heart I can't talk about the guys in my life without talking about my dad.

My dad is fabulous!  He also holds a very special place in my heart (as does my mom) that can never be filled by anyone. He has taught me too many things to list (so I won't try) so I will just pass on the highlights.

He is 50% responsible for my love of travel and has accompanied me (and paid for) many of my trips. I am not sure I always want to thank him for this expensive habit but I am grateful for all the experiences he has given me all over the world.

I know he is responsible for showing me what it looks like to be a good person and a good husband.  Because of him I knew what to look for when selecting the person I ended up marrying.  My dad and my husband are very different in many ways but deep down the important qualities my dad has are the same ones I see in my husband.

I can also thank my dad for humoring my love of shopping.  My mom doesn't love shopping so it often fell to my dad to take my sisters and I on long shopping trips. I didn't realize this was anything special until I was at least a teenager!

All in all I have some fabulous guys in my life and I can't imagine doing life without them!

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