Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wino Wednesday

Time to talk about wine again.  I went to Paso Robles last weekend for my bachelorette party and tried many delicious wines but today I am talking about a wine from the area I grew up in. Come back next week to hear all my bachelorette but in the mean time enjoy some wine.

Odonata Winery has a tasting room just down the road from my parent's house so it is quite convenient to stop by.  This Malbec is one I bought a few months ago and opened up just recently. I tend to like Malbec so this wine is right up my ally.

As far as I know you can't buy this wine in stores but if you are even in Monterey County or Santa Cruz they have two tasting rooms to choose from.

Happy wine drinking!


  1. I love a good malbec, thanks for this rec :)

  2. Won't be heading your way anytime soon so I will take your word for it. A wine tasting right down the road, could be something to do every weekend. Dangerous. From Wino Wednesday!