Monday, March 14, 2016

Stitch Fix #10

I was pretty happy with my Stitch Fix box this month.  There was nothing that I knew I would disliked immediately out of the box. Four of the five things I could see myself wearing if the size had been correct and the fifth thing was a color issue.

I had written a note to my stylist that I liked polka dots and this was her attempt to add some polka dots to my wardrobe.  The fit and style of this dress were ok but the grayish silver color did me no favors.  It kind of made me grey and blend in with the fabric so it went back.

These jeans were fitted and ankle length.  The color and minimal fading were right up my alley but as with most pants the fit was off.  They fit my hips and butt so of course they were much too large in the waist.  I only fit pants that specifically say curvy fit and these were regular sized so they went back.

This dress was very cute but again the fit was off.  Whoever designed this either had very large arms or very low cut bras on the side.  The arm holes on this dress were much too big and there was no way I was ever going to be able to wear it without a sweater without showing off my bra. The waist was also a bit too low on me (super short waisted problems!) so it went back.

This shirt was a great color and fit well so I seriously considered keeping this one. I loved the lace neckline and shoulders and would have wanted to be able to wear it without a sweater to show of the great details.  With a nude bra the lace hid the straps well enough in the front but the straps were a little too obvious in the back for me to be comfortable wearing this to work without a sweater so after much thought I sent this one back too.

The shirt I kept was this great floral shirt with a contrasting shoulder panel.  This looks like nothing I already have in my wardrobe and I have already worn it with jeans.  It also looked great tucked into a pencil skirt to wear to work. I like that the print is kind of unexpected and springy. I wore it once over the weekend and again today to work so I think I will get lots of use out of this shirt.

Can't wait for next month to see what comes in my Stitch Fix box.  If you want to get your own box feel free to use my link and enjoy.

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