Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bachelorette Party Part 2-Wedding Wednesday

New we pick up where we left off last week with my fabulous bachelorette party.

Friday after we finished our wine tasting we headed back to our house to get all dressed up to go out in San Luis Obispo. It is about a 20-30 minute drive to San Luis Obispo from Paso Robles but the nightlife is better there so we made the drive. 

I brought a couple of dresses with me to choose between but ended up wearing this really pretty green racer back dress and a pair of sparkly flats.  I considered wearing heels but decided to go for comfort instead.  My feet thanked me later.
My sister ordered some fun gold tattoos that said "Bride Tribe" for everyone to wear out that night. It is hard to tell from the pictures but mine just said "Bride" These tattoos actually stated on pretty much intact until I scrubbed it off then next week.   

Once we were all dress up we headed to dinner Novo and it did not disappoint.  Granted it is California but it was still winter so it was a bit chilly.  They sat our big group out on their gorgeous patio with heat lamps and they have us fluffy blankets to put in our laps.  I was a bit worried at the beginning but it ended up being fine.  I can imagine the patio being fabulous in the summer too.

Everything we ate was delicious and my cucumber mojito was nice and refreshing.  I am always a fan of a place that serves a cheese plate.  I can't remember what my main dish was but I remember the cheese. Priorities!

After we finished dinner we headed to Luna Red for some fancy cocktails.  I had what they called a Fizzy Lifting Drink and while sadly it didn't have the same effects that it did in the movie it was delicious.  After the fancy cocktails we went to a place popular with the college population for Cal Poly but we only lasted about 30 minutes there before we felt old and moved onto another place that had a bit more diverse crowd with music we could dance to. In addition to fun tattoos my sister also found bachelorette party scratchers that had dares/tasks for the bride to do. Everyone scratched one and then they had to help me accomplish the task.  Some tasks were easier than others.

One of the cards had me take a picture with a random person hence this picture. Another one of the cards was Maid of Honor's choice so my sister told me to get someone to put one of our extra Bride Tribe tattoos on.  I found a guy in line for the restroom and asked him if I could put the tattoo on his hand.  This guy didn't want it on his hand; he wanted it on his face!  I asked him multiple times if he wanted it on his hand but no he really wanted it on his cheek. I wonder what he though the next morning when he woke up with a gold Bride Tribe tattoo on his face.
Saturday morning we headed out wine tasting again.  Our first stop was Still Waters Vineyards.  This place was gorgeous and the wine was delicious. 

The view from this winery out over the vineyards was beautiful and there were picnic tables and lawn games to enjoy.  They have many weddings there and I can see why someone would choose this space. We knew about the picnic space in advance so we brought a picnic of cheese, crackers and fruit to enjoy before we headed out to our second winery.

The second winery was called Peachy Canyon and unfortunately it was by far our least favorite winery of the weekend. The wine was nothing special so I don't think anyone ended up buying anything there.  They did have a really cool enormous wooden adirondack chair that we took full advantage of for pictures.
The other fun thing we found at this winery was a sign with my husband's name on it.  He doesn't really drink much wine but apparently he has a vineyard named after him anyway.

The third (and last) winery of the day we went to was much more successful than our second one.  Dark Star Cellars had delicious wines and the staff there was really knowledgable and fun to talk to which is always a bonus.

The logo of this winery totally reminds me of some kind of super hero logo.  I like to think if super heros had a winery this is what their logo would look like. By the time we finished at Dark Star we were ready to head back to the house and get in comfy clothes.
Back at the house we made pizzas and salad for dinner and then played some games before falling asleep fairly early.  We had a long fun weekend and none of us are as young as we once were. We ate so much food at dinner Saturday night that we didn't save room for desert.  We ended up having to eat ice cream pie for breakfast Sunday morning before we all hit the road to go come.

Sunday morning we all headed out back to our homes after a very fun girls weekend.  My sister did a fabulous job with all her planning and my cousins and friends made it even more fun. My other sister wasn't able to come to this party because of school but she threw me a fabulous bridal shower a few weeks later so come back to hear all about that.

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  1. It sounds like it was amazing (and I love the green dress). Miss you!