Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Decorations

With Easter being so early this year there was only about a week between St. Patrick's Day and Easter.  I thought about not decorating since they would only be up for a week but many of my Easter decorations at least partially turn into part of my Spring decorations so I decided to just go for it.

As usual I filled my favorite wooden bowl with festive decorations.  As much as it makes a mess when setting it up I love my natural grass mix much better than neon stuff that many easter baskets are filled with. Good thing I don't have to remove the grass from the bowl for at least a few months.

A little bunny, some flowers and a few eggs in a glass bowl decorate the ledge right inside my front door.  It looks so springy and fun when I come home from work.  We have been having some nice spring weather for the last week or so but today it rained again.  I won't complain too much since we really need the rain here in California.

I bought this wreath in the Target Dollar Spot last year for $3 and it has paid for itself about 10 times over.  I used it with various decorations last Summer and last Fall and then put it away during the winter but it was time break it out again. I added some little clip on flowers and it is ready to go for Spring

This year I even added a few festive eggs in our bedroom for a little Easter touch.

I am going to enjoy my Easter decorations for their short little season and then switch out a few things and enjoy Sprig.

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