Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Talk...Moms

Linking up again for Let's Talk this month.  Last month we talked about the guys in our lives and this month it is all about moms.  My mom is awesome and hands down the best mom ever! I might be biased but I really don't think so.

As is probably evident from the abundance of Disneyland pictures over the years my mom helped (along with my dad) helped grow my love of Disney and Disneyland.

My mom grew up in the town my parents raised my sisters and I in so she knows so much about the town, its history and the people who live there.

I can attribute any cooking skills I possess to what my mom taught me,  Whenever I have any cooking questions I almost always call her before I even call on my friend Google.  My mom has more appliances and tool in her kitchen than anyone I know.  She also has almost been banned (by my dad) from buying any more cookbooks because she has so many.

The closer I get to deciding it is time for me (and my husband) to start trying to have kids the more I realize that I have some large shoes to fill in being a mom.  If I call my mom for advice now I can't even imagine how often I will be calling her for advice once I have kids.  I wouldn't be surprised if she started screening my calls.  Ok probably not but she might be tempted!

My mom is a wonderful role model of how to be a mom but also how to have a good, long lasting and happy marriage.  She has been married to my dad for almost 40 years and it is obvious how much they still love each other.  I aspire to be the kind of person she has succeeded in being.

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