Monday, April 18, 2016

Week (end) Wrap Up

I had a pretty quiet week after coming back from my New York City trip (recaps coming soon) but last week/this past weekend my social schedule picked up a bit again.

Last Wednesday was my husband and my three year anniversary of our first date.  Our first date was actually to a burrito place but this year we took our celebration high class and went to La Fondue. Ummm cheese please! We had the mushroom cheese which I had never had before. It was good but I think I will try a different one the next time I go.

After the cheese we grilled up some meats and dipped them in some delicious sauces but the real fun part came next. Chocolate!  We had a dark chocolate with hazelnut and marscapone it and it was fantastic! There were so many good things to dip in the chocolate that it was hard to decide what to dip next.

Monday through Wednesday there is no corkage fee so we brought along a bottle of wine I picked up wine tasting at my bachelorette party. Yumm wine! We don't normally do anything fancy on weeknights but it was fun to get out and celebrate our anniversary.  I can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries with my husband!

Sometime before Christmas a Bass Pro Shop opened in our area but we have been busy so we hadn't been to check it out yet.  Friday night we finally went to check it out.  

Not sure it the world really needs bacon ketchup but if it does I now know where to find it.

After wondering around Bass Pro for a while we decided to have dinner in the restaurant that is in the bowling ally. There was a bit of a wait (who knew) but I took pictures of all the fish on the ceiling and then we wandered around some more while waiting for our table to be ready.

This drink I got was massive and if it had been a proper drink I would have been very tipsy but this drink was mostly sugar and very little alcohol so no tipsy time for me.  All in all a fun evening hanging out with my husband.

Saturday I went to the gym and then had lunch with a friend and the we hit the mall.  We spent most of the afternoon browsing and trying on things.  I do admit a few thing made their way home with us but more on that another day.

Sunday was spent running errands, doing laundry, relaxing at home and trying to finish up all my thank you notes from my bridal shower.  Last weekend I got distracted from this project by my wedding invitations but after this weekend I am almost done with those thank you notes. 

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