Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hawaii Wedding Update

Since today is my husband and my dating anniversary today seemed like an excellent day to do a wedding update.

We are less than 3 months away from the big day so I feel like there is still so much to do but I have to do but one way or another it will have to get done.

One of the things that has successfully completed is sending the official invitations.  They arrived last week and I spent most evenings last week with my purple pen in hand addressing them and then with the help of my husband stuffed all the envelopes with all the accessories that go into a wedding invitation.  Can't wait for people to start RSVPing to our wedding!

A few weeks ago my mom came up and we went shopping to find her a dress to wear to the wedding.  Shopping isn't her favorite thing to do so we were both happy that we were quickly able to find her a gorgeous dress to wear.

After we found my mom a dress we went to look for shoes for me to wear with my wedding dress.  I knew I wanted to get a pair of heels for the ceremony and a pair of sandals for the reception.

 I ended up finding a pair of shoes that I thought would work for the ceremony though I have to wear them around for a few hours to make sure they are comfortable before I make the final decision about keeping them. Sorry I  can't post pictures because my husband doesn't want to see them before the wedding but unless you are my husband click on the link to see them!

I have not bought sandals yet but I have my eye on these and these so any opinions or additional suggestions would be appreciated.

I still have a fabulous bridal shower to talk about so come back next week for more on that!

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