Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stitch Fix #11

I was really happy with my Stitch Fix box this month.  There was only one piece that did not at least have potential.  

The one piece that I was doubtful about right out of the box was this off white long sleeved shirt. My doubt was proven justifiable when I put the shirt on.  It was a two layer white shirt with the outer layer being sheer stripes and it was just plain ugly frumpy.  Easy decision to send this one back.

The rest of the pieces in the box I had much higher hopes for.  This lightweight camisole is not a color that I normally wear but the pattern and shape were cute so I tried it on with a few of my pencil skirts to see how I like it.  I was still unsure of the color/pattern on me but by the time my trying on session was over the shirt had wrinkles so much that I decided that was a sign it should go back. I like to look presentable at work and wrinkled shirt does not project that.

This next dress was very cute and I loved the kind of paisley pattern on it but I was just too short waisted for this dress.  If I pulled the waist up to my actual waist the lower part of the dress fit perfectly but the torso of the dress was just too long for me so back it went.

This dress caught my eye right out of the box because it looked so comfy.  The shape and pattern were good and when I tried it on it was in deed very comfy.  I can see myself wearing this during the summer (or in California reality spring or fall too) on weekends running errands and I can probably also wear ti to the office with a cardigan on more casual days.

I am always a fan of stripes and already have multiple blue and white striped dresses in my closet so while I really liked this dress I thought about sending it back.  My husband was in the room while I was trying of some the pieces from this box and he loved the dress so it stayed.  I guess a girl can never have too many striped dresses!

This is one of the my favorite boxes so far and if you would like one of your own head on over to Stitch Fix to get one.

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