Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Wedding Weekend (No, not my wedding)

On of my cousins got married on Monday so I went down to Salinas Saturday morning to participate in all the festivities. My fiancee joined me down there on Sunday afternoon to join in the fun.

My sister and I had originally planned to have a little bachelorette party for the bride on Saturday night.  This plan didn't come to fruition so we decided to take the bride and groom wine tasting instead.

My uncle (the groom's dad) agreed drive us around wine tasting so we set off on our adventure.  It is kind of hard to tell from this picture but the bride and the groom both have fabulous sashes that my sister made for them.

The third (and final) winery we went to had these really fun red frames and we couldn't resist taking a few fun pictures before we headed home.  

I was doing a reading at the wedding so Sunday I headed to church for the rehearsal.  The weather this weekend was bizarre.  So hot and humid!  I know this is normal for the rest of the country, but there is no such thing as rain or humidity in a Monterey County summer so we are vastly unprepared in the air conditioning department.  We sweated our way through the rehearsal and then headed to dinner where we all drank our weight in ice water.  Ok, there were other things that we drank in addition to water too.

I don't have any photos of the ceremony (I was busy) but it can't be a wedding post without a few pictures of the bride and her dress!  She is beautiful and she looked beautiful in her dress.

The reception was at my aunt and uncle's house.  They set up these really cute hearts that hung from their pergola. I made the bride and groom pose it the heart because who doesn't need cheesy heart pictures? Congratulations to the bride and groom!

After the bride and groom were done taking pictures I couldn't resist taking a few heart pictures with my handsome fiancee.

I never got around to taking engagement photos so I am contemplating using one of these heart pictures on our save the dates.  Any thoughts?

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