Monday, July 27, 2015

Favorite Red White & Blue

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Even though the 4th of July is at the beginning of the month the topic for July is Red, White & Blue.

For the first time this year I actually decorated specifically for the 4th of July.  I pulled out all of my red, white and blue decorations and bought a few new things to add to what I already had.

Blue and I are good friends when it comes to clothes.  I wear a lot of blue (and white) and I don't shy away from bright lipsticks.  Needless to say, this leads to many days where I am wearing clothing that are blue and white along with some red lipsticks. Patriotic without even trying! I have more striped maxi dresses than I care to admit and the majority of them are shades of blue.

You can't see it super well in the photo above but my current favorite thing to wear with my white pants is this Eyelet Hem Sweater. It is a lightweight sweater but what I really like it that it is long enough to cover my rear.  Always an added bonus when I don't have to worry about my underwear showing in white pants.

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