Friday, July 31, 2015

Anniversary Sale Wrap Up

I have mentioned a few of the things I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I thought I would give a wrap up of everything I bought.  The sale ends Sunday so there are still a few more days to shop if you see something you just have to have!

You have already heard about these comfy pajama pants but I am currently wearing them so I figured that justified showing them again.  Even though it was about 90 today my mother-in-law keeps her place very cold so they are perfect for sitting on her couch relaxing.  Shhhh I got the same pants as my polka dot ones for someone I love.  I can't tell you who, but look how cute these pink striped ones are.  I know she will get lots of use out of them.

I have lost about 15 pounds so far (I still have a bit more to lose) so I decided this justified some new purple workout clothes.  Pictures of me actually in the clothes to come for but now the models will have to do.  I have already been able to wear this shirt but I am going to have to wait a few months before it is cool enough not to roast in the jacket.

Obviously I couldn't let an Anniversary Sale pass without stocking up on some Hanky Panky. World's most comfortable thong!  I am super picky about my bras (years working in lingerie will do that to a girl) and I wasn't crazy about any of the bras that were on sale in my size this year.  I needed a new bra so I ended up buying the Chantelle one that I wanted and not worrying about it.  I own many Natori Feathers in many colors and even though it was on sale I decided I didn't need another one.  If they had it in purple than it might have been a different story.  I ended up getting a black one as a birthday present for one of my sisters.

The last thing I ended up buying for myself and keeping (there were many things I tried on that I didn't keep) was this polka dot cardigan.  Yes, I have a thing for polka dots!  Ignore that the model makes this sweater look kind of frumpy.  I swear it looks better in real life on a real me!

I am sure I have forgotten a few things that came home with me from the woman's department but I did venture to the men's department this year to get my dad a birthday present.  He said he wanted a sweater and a navy blue v-neck sweater is what he got.  Anyone who knows my dad has no trouble picturing him wearing this.

I think that is enough shopping talk for one (very long post) so Happy Friday!

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