Friday, July 10, 2015

The Legion of Honor-High Style

Last weekend I went to San Francisco and met a friend at the Legion of Honor to see a fashion exhibit.

It was a holiday weekend and I didn't want to take my car to the city so I hopped on the Caltrain.  I live a few blocks from a Caltrain station but my station is a commuter station which only runs on weekdays. My fiancee dropped me off at the closest station and I headed to San Francisco.  I took the baby bullet up and it only takes about an hour.  The way back on a non-bullet train took about an hour and forty five minutes, sadly.

My friend picked me up and we headed to the museum. I have a membership to the De Young museum and as part of my membership I also have a membership to the Legion of Honor.  I have been to the De Young lots of times but hadn't been to the Legion of Honor in years.

When we headed into the museum we headed straight for the fashion exhibit.  There were quite a few people there but not nearly as many was I was expecting for a holiday weekend. The exhibit is a collection of clothes and shoes from the Brooklyn Museum's Costume Collection. We quite enjoyed looking at the clothes in the exhibit even though we had actually seen some of the clothes before.  We had gone to New York about 5 years ago and actually seen a fashion exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art that contained some of the same pieces.  There were some really pretty pieces but as expected no flash photography was allowed.

After looking at the fashion exhibit we took a break and split a carafe of wine in the cafe and enjoyed the view.  Fashion, a girl friend and some wine sounds like a good time to me!

We went and looked a few more rooms in the museum and then headed out.  The view of the ocean from the parking lot was so pretty I had to stop and take a picture.

The exhibit runs for another two weeks so if you are local I recommend checking out.  The exhibit is not huge and actually the museum as a whole is not huge.  You could spend about half a day there and see the whole thing without too much trouble.

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