Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Second Stitch Fix

I got my second Stitch Fix on Thursday.  I knew it as being delivered so I made my fiancee stop at the mailbox on our way to his mom's house, because I didn't want to wait another day for it!  He didn't share my enthusiasm but he indulged me anyway.

My box had 2 dresses, a pair of pants, a shirt and a necklace.

This is the shirt and the pants that came in my box.  I took the pants out of the box and just about started laughing.  They looked so tiny that I knew there was no way I was going to even get them on over my hips.  The pants were really stretchy and proved me wrong but I am still not keeping them.

I don't wear pants very often, but when I do I wear them to work.  I have never been able to make fitted pants work appropriate and as you can see from the above picture these pants are no exception. Showing off my rear end is not the goal for work clothes.

The shirt that came in my box was really cute.  It had an interesting neckline and will look great with a pencil skirt.  I am definitely keeping this shirt.

This blue polka dot dress and long necklace were the next things I tried on.  I have not made my final decision on whether to keep either of these pieces.

I love the color of this dress and the polka dots but I am not completely sold on the high neckline.  I feel like high necklines sometimes make my chest look kind of funny.  I can't decide on this one.  Opinions are welcome!

This necklace has a black design on one side and diamonds on the other.  I like that it is long and delicate but I can't decide if I will wear it enough to justify keeping it.  Again, opinions are welcome!

The final thing in my box was this pink dress.  I like this dress and its interesting neckline, but I am not sold on the color.  If this dress was cheaper I might think about keeping but I can't justify spending over $100 on a dress that I don't have an occasion to wear it for. 

 I actually found this same dress in really pretty blue on the Nordstrom website so if I ever do have an occasion I might think about ordering the blue one.  It makes my butt look good so that is always a good thing.

I am keeping the shirt and still making up my mind on the necklace and blue dress.

If you are thinking about trying Stitch Fix and want to use my referral link that would be great. If you just want to enjoy looking at my pictures of my fixes that is great too!

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