Monday, August 3, 2015

My Productive Weekend

Hello again Monday!  

After finishing up at work on Friday I met up with my sister and we headed up to Shoreline for our fourth concert of the summer.  The food at Shoreline is not particularly good and to expensive so my sister stopped by Trader Joe's to get us dinner.

We bought frozen margaritas and settled in with our snacks.  The margaritas had pretty much no alcohol so they were quite disappointing.  At least to food we brought was good!

We didn't really know the songs of the first opening act (A Thousand Horses) so we decided to take some selfies.  Some guy behind us decided to photo bomb us so we put our heads closer together.

It was remarkably chilly when the sun went down considering it is the middle of summer so by the time Darius Rucker hit the stage we were wrapped up in our blankets.

Saturday after my sister left I attacked my kitchen cabinets with a vengeance.  I pulled everything out the cabinets, sorted it, organized it and put it all back.

I wish I had taken before pictures but take my word for it that it looks a million times better than it did before I declared war on it.

After my success with my cabinets on Saturday I set my sites on our passthrough counter for Sunday.  Over time we had acquired a random assortment of junk on this counter and it just looked messy.  It is near the front door so things just end up being set there as we come in the door and never leave.  I threw out or put away all the junk and just left a few decorative things on the shelf.  

Since we all know I wasn't too inspired with my summer decorations I didn't have anything planned for the shelf.  I took a vase and put my big white pillar candle and filled the bowl with some corks.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I may just have to drink a few more bottles of wine to add a few more corks to it.  Oh, what a problem to have!

I have a ways to go in decluttering all the surfaces at our condo but I feel like I made some progress this weekend.

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