Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Update

Well I am still having Disneyland withdrawals but I am making it through my week.  It doesn't help that I am fighting a cold.

I don't know anyone with a cold so I am guessing some child sneezed on me in the airplane on my way home from Disneyland.  I have had a super busy week at work so staying home hasn't been an option.  I am just going to have to fight through the cold and continue to ignore it.  I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed but I am trying to ignore that too.

After a long week I am looking forward to a weekend at home with my handsome fiancee. I am headed to a Luke Bryan concert with my sister Saturday night but other than that I have grand plans to spend my weekend at home getting things done around the house and getting over this pesky cold.

Yesterday I ordered a couple of dresses on sale and I am super excited to try them on.

I am hoping to wear this dress this winter with some tights and boots and wear it with sparkly sandals right now.  The back is super cute too but I know we are heading toward cooler (not cold, this is California) so I may not get to show it off too long.

It is really hard to tell in the picture but this dress has a really cute knot/gathered detail on the front that takes this dress from plain black dress to super fun.  I am thinking it will be really cute with a statement necklace and heels to dress it up or with a cardigan to wear to work.

I was between a medium and a large on the sizing charts for both dresses so I am a little worried I ordered the right size.  Neither dress is particularly tight in the hips so I went with the medium.  Here's hoping.

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