Friday, August 21, 2015

Finally Friday...

You know how some weeks just fly by and before you know it the weekend is here.  Yeah, this wasn't one of those weeks!   This week just seemed to drag on and on.

I have a feeling much of this dragging was due to the fact that I have a super fabulous fun planned with one of my sisters.

She is coming up tonight and we are heading to the next concert in our summer country concert series.  We are seeing Dierks Bentley and some opening acts that I currently can't remember.

We have all our snacks ready to go and are hoping the weather is a bit warmer than it was for the Darius Rucker concert. 

After our concert we are heading back to my place to head right to bed because Saturday morning at the crack of dawn we are flying to...


We are just going for a quick weekend trip so we fly back Sunday night but we are so excited!

I have all my Disney inspired hair accessories packed and in addition to the ones I had last time I have added a few new ones.  I also bought a new tee last week that I am taking along on my trip.

I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and adventures to share next week.  I love talking about all things Disneyland! Now if only today would go by just a little bit faster I can get to my fabulous weekend!

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