Monday, August 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

I opened my box this month and was really excited.  The colors and patterns were just up my alley.  It didn't turn out as well when I tried things on but hopefully next month things will fit better.

The first shirt was a short sleeved chevron blouse.  I was excited that it had sleeves because this meant I would have been able to wear it to work without needing a cardigan over it.

The sleeves fit fine but at the hem it narrowed.  For someone who does not have small hips this is not a good trait.  It was too small at the bottom so I am sending it back.

I had told the stylist that I need some comfy lounge clothes since I have been spending a lot of time hanging out in my mother-in-laws living room recently.  This is what they sent to fulfill that request.  It was kind of a thin terry cloth material and it clung to every bump.  Nope, that is not going to work.  This too is going back.

I like pencil skirts and I like stripes (almost as much as polka dots) so I had high hopes for this skirt.   I think I would have like this skirt if it had been one size larger.
The material has a bit of a stretch to it but not enough to make a skirt this fitted comfortable.  I have really stretchy striped pencil skirt from The Loft that I love, so even if this had fit I am not sure I would have kept it.  My Loft skirt is so stretchy that it doesn't even have a zipper.  I sent this striped skirt back.

Again I loved the color and pattern on this dress as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  I put it on and then I wasn't so in love.  I had to work really hard to make sure my bra wasn't showing and I am sure if I had been moving around my bra straps wouldn't have been hidden for long.

Another problem with the dress is that it made me look kind of shapeless.  I am anything but shapeless so this was not boding well for me keeping this dress.  I still love the color and pattern but I had admit that this dress was just not made for me.  I sent this one back too.

The last thing in my box was a reversible bag.  Finally something that fit.  Ok, fit is not the right word but I put it on my shoulder and it looked good.

It is a little hard to tell from the pictures but one side is an almost purply wine color and the other is a very neutral taupe.  It is no secret that I love purple so I was intrigued by this bag.  I love a big bag but this bag is a little big even for me to carry on an everyday basis.  This bag will make a great bag for days where I have a bunch of stuff to bring to work.  It will also make a great carry on bag because it will not only fit my laptop but also the other bevy of things required for a plane flight.  Finally, success!  I am keeping this one and am looking forward to taking on my next plane trip in less than 2 weeks.  My sister and I are heading to Disneyland for a quick weekend trip at the end of the month and I am already getting excited.

If you are thinking about trying out Stitch Fix I have a referral link I would love you to use and if you are not thinking about trying Stitch Fix I hope you enjoy the pictures of mine.

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