Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Here I go again!

Earlier in the year I set out to eat better and move more in an effort to lose weight.  I lost about 15 or so pounds between January and May but this summer has been kicking my butt.  My life has been crazy and busy so the weight loss has stopped.  With all the chaos going on I am happy to say I have only gained pound or two back.

I am giving myself a round of applause for maintaining my weight loss amidst the chaos but it is time to focus on losing a bit more weight.  I have at least 10 pounds to go before I reach the point where I am going to evaluate where I am and if I want to lose more weight or not.  I have a feeling after I lose those 10 pounds I will want to lose another 5 but I will wait and see.

Here is a fairly recent picture of me so you can see my starting point this time.

Back to eating better and moving more. Wish me luck!  Any delicious recipes appreciated!

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