Monday, August 31, 2015

Favorite Summer Moments

It has been an interesting summer to say the least.  Not exactly the summer I planned but there have been quite a few fun moments regardless.

As you may remember my youngest sister and I bought Country Mega Tickets at the beginning of the summer.  Our tickets included tickets to 8 country concerts and so far we have attended 6 of them.  There are still 2 left to go but the 6 we have been to so far have been some of my summer highlights.

The first concert of the summer was Toby Keith.  My youngest sister was sick that day but my other sister hadn't moved yet so she came along.  This was our first trip of the year to the venue so we misjudged how long it would take to get there.  We missed the at least the first opening act (we may have missed most of the second one too) but we were there in time to get our beers and get seated in time for the main act.  He was good but it wasn't my favorite concert of the summer.

Both of my sisters came up to see Brad Paisley.  We again missed at least the opening act because of the massive line to get into the venue but as you can see we got some beers and were seated in time for the main event.  I have a special place in my heart for Brad Paisley because he sings what is going to become my first dance song for my wedding next year.  It may not have been my favorite concert I have ever seen but it was pretty darn good.  This was the last concert my middle sister was able to come to with us before she went off to med school so that also made it special.

So at the next concert apparently I failed at taking a selfie to prove I was there but this was my favorite concert of the season so far.  My sister and one of her good friends came up and we saw Lady Antebellum.  We had gotten the hang of the timing thing by this point.  We were there on time and had really good (for the lawn) seats.  I had heard Lady Antebellum were amazing live and all those rumors were true!  They were fantastic!

The clouds were really pretty that night so I had to take a picture.  During one of their songs Lady Antebellum had everyone turn the flashlights on their phone on and the result was beautiful.  It looked like little sparkly lights all around me.

Our next concert of the season was Darius Rucker.  He was quite good live and put on a good show but for some reason the weather was just plain cold that night.  I know I have been complaining that overall the weather has been to hot but somehow that night the venue was a wind tunnel making it way too cold.  We left this concert a bit early because we were cold.

Dierks Bentley was next and he was also quite good.  We got there in time to see everyone we wanted to see, got good seats and brought along delicious food to eat. The weather was much more appropriate for this one but did still end up leaving a bit early too.  Not because we were cold, but because we had a really early flight to catch in the morning to Disneyland.  

Saturday night we went to see Luke Bryan at Levi Stadium.  At the beginning of the evening the sun was directly in our eyes hence the fabulous faces we are making.  The rest of our concerts of the year are at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View but this one was at Levi Stadium (the new 49ers stadium) in Santa Clara.  No, you did not hear my wrong the San Francisco 49ers now play in Santa Clara which is a whole hour south of San Francisco.  I had never been in the stadium before but it is located just down the street from where I went to grad school so thought my years in grad school I watched it being build.  When I started it was just an empty lot/an old parking lot but by the time I graduated the stadium was almost done.

Our Mega Tickets are lawn seats so this translated to nosebleed seats at the stadium.  We were so high up that even during the concert most people stayed sitting down for fear of tumbling down.  We were in a section where we had a pretty good direct view of the stage alas the stage was about a mile away.

The stadium is right next to an amusement park so partway though the show the amusement park fireworks went off right behind the stage.  We were so high up that we had a fantastic view of the fireworks.  As usual my wonderful fiancee dropped us off and picked up.  He dropped us off with no problems but him trying to pick us up was a totally different story.  They closed many of the roads around the stadium after the concert so we had to walk forever to get somewhere that he could get to and come get us.  It was not fun late at night but we survived.  

Luke Bryan was also good but Lady Antebellum is still my favorite of the summer so far.  We still have Tim McGraw and Rascal Flats coming up to round out our summer concert series.  I am probably not going to be able to attend this many concerts in one summer again for a while so I am trying to enjoy the freedom while it lasts.



  1. So many concerts!!! I might be a little jealous!!!


    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world

    1. It has been really fun and a good excuse to spend time with my sisters!