Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Little Shower at Work

When I walked into work a few days before my California wedding I was surprised to see my desk all decorated in shades of purple and white.

My sneaky coworkers even managed to change the background on my computer to purple and white flowers.

There were white balloons with purple ribbons all over the place and they even decorated my pole with purple ribbon.  Gotta give the pole some love!

The common area outside of my cubical was also all decorated in purple and white.  This common area is where we have any sort of smaller celebrations so I knew something must be in the works for later in the day.

I had been wearing a purple sweater the day before so all day people kept telling me if only I had known I could have worn my purple sweater that day instead.  Oh well, I would rather have had the surprise than an outfit that matched the decorations.

There was even a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers to decorate my desk.

Later in the day a delicious spread of food appeared while I was in a meeting.  Cheese and crackers are good at all times of the day.

All celebrations at work involve cake and this one was no different.  The cake was some kind of spice cake and it was delicious.

I have some awesome coworkers who planned this little wedding shower for me and I appreciate all the work that went into it.  I have to go to work everyday so it is always good to get to spend my days with fabulous coworkers.  

More wedding posts coming soon but in the mean time:

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