Monday, November 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #6

Another month, another Stitch Fix box.  Ok, in reality I am a little behind because my next box arrives soon and I am just getting around to talking about my previous ones.  

This skirt actually looks kind of cute in this picture but it was made of a very stretchy cheap feeling material. I like the pattern and the cut of the skirt was nice but the fabric was a no go.  I am hoping they will start sending me more natural materials in my next box. This skirt went back.

I loved the color of this blouse and the back had a fun twist to it.  The front of the blouse was a different story.  The way the tie was designed was just awkward.  The tie was only attached to the shirt at the back of the next so anytime I moved the whole thing swayed with me.  This shirt was also sent back.

Again Stitch Fix hit the nail on the head with the color of this dress.  I love the bright blue of the dress and the shape was nice too.  It was comfy and gave me a waist but it was just a little too short in the back for my liking.  It wasn't inappropriately short and I could (and would) have happily worn it outside of work but I decided to send it back since I couldn't quite wear it to work.

This dress was a little bit of a different shape for me but I actually really liked it.  It is a bit hard to tell from the picture (hello phone pictures) but the dark shade is actually navy blue and not black.  It is just a hair tight in the hips but nothing a pair of Spanx can't fix.  I really like the lace details on the sleeve.  It makes an already very feminine dress that much more feminine. Despite the slight tightness in the hips I decided to keep this dress since it wasn't something that I had in my closet.  Spanx for now but hopefully they won't be needed in a few months.

This jacket is also something I don't normally wear.  While it fit and I liked it I decided not to keep it.  I just couldn't justify the price compared to how often I would get to wear it. If I ever find a cheaper version of this jacket somewhere I will definitely consider getting it.

Until next month (which is really next week) I leave you with my review of my box and if you want to sign up feel free to sign up for Stitch Fix.

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