Monday, November 23, 2015

The Party Before the Wedding Parties

The Thursday before my California wedding my parents hosted a little dinner party at their house for the out of California family and my cousin who couldn't come to the wedding ceremony. 

I threw together this California wedding with only about 6 weeks notice so my cousin (who is also one of my bridesmaid) already had plans for the weekend but I was very happy she was able to come to this little dinner party.  

I wore my comfy grey dress, a belt, a big necklace and because we are finally having a bit of fall weather one my many cardigans.  

Two of my aunts flew in from the Seattle area to help celebrate.  Two of my uncles flew in too but they did not end up in any pictures.  I think they were hiding from the camera!  I was so fortunate that so many people made the time to come to this wedding but are also planning to come to Hawaii to help us celebrate again.

We were also having the wedding reception at my parents house so it was very convenient that earlier this year my parents bought a dinner party at an auction.  The item they bought was a dinner at their house where a chef and waiters came in and did the whole thing start to finish.  They brought everything from the food to the decorations to the dishes and then at the end they did all the clean up and took it all away.  It made the evening really easy and low stress for everyone and my goodness the food was delicious.

There was a spread of cheese and crackers before dinner, butternut squash soup and a delicious bread pudding that didn't get photographed but here is a shot of the main course.  There was also plenty of wine flowing throughout the evening. I had to drive home that night so I couldn't have too much of the wine

The evening ended with a little bit of piano music courtesy of my dad.  

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