Monday, January 23, 2017

Disney World Trip

Last weekend I took advantage of the long weekend and met my parents and sister in Florida to go to Disney World!

I left Thursday night on a red-eye flight. The older I get the more I realize my body isn't made for staying up all night.  For this reason I decided it was definitely worth it to upgrade to first class to make myself as comfortable as possible. Margaritas and trashy magazines make for a good start to the trip.

On Friday after a little nap a the hotel my dad and I headed out to meet my sister and my mom at the Animal Kingdom. I didn't get to do all the shows but I think we managed to ride most of the rides. We saw lots of cute baby animals on the safari ride and were able to go on the Expedition Everest ride twice in a row so I call that a successful day.

Animal Kingdom is always the park that closes and it closes even earlier in the winter so we were back at the hotel fairly early.  My parents decided to relax at the hotel have dinner but my sister and I decided to venture out to Disney Springs for dinner. We toasted a successful first day with margaritas.

Our second day we headed to Epcot. I had to stop and take a picture with the "golf ball" since that is always the first thing I think of when I think of Epcot. We managed to to most of the rides in Future World except for Soarin' which had a massive line. We knew it tended to have a massive line so we had a Fastpass for later that evening.

My sister hadn't been feeling well so she stayed at the hotel for the morning. We went back to the hotel around lunch time to check on her and I stopped to get some cuban food in Disney Springs.  Yum!

My sister still wasn't feeling well so my mom decided to stay back at the hotel with her while my dad and I went back to Epcot.  We met up with a couple of friends of my dad who happen to live in the area and have annual passes. As we were walking around World Showcase they mentioned there was a grapefruit beer in Germany that was really good. After that glowing recommendation I had to have one! It deserves its reputation because it was fantastic. It wasn't particularly hot while we were there but it would be super refreshing on a hot day.

While we were in Epcot they were having a Festival of the Arts.  We watched a fun concert staring some Broadway stars singing Disney songs which was very good but my favorite part was taking pictures in paintings. I think I pretty much rocked "The Scream" here! They also had the Mona Lisa background but I didn't like that one as much.

We had dinner reservations at the British restaurant which turned out to have an added bonus. Our reservations were a little after 7 and since we didn't rush through dinner we were still sitting there when the fireworks started at 9.  We were sitting on the patio so we have a front row unobstructed view of the whole thing! 

The next day we headed to the Magic Kingdom and the whole day I kept calling it Disneyland. Habits die hard I guess!

We had lunch reservations at Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast restaurant. This lunch reservation at Be Our Guest was the only reservation there the entire trip.  The food wasn't bad but also wasn't amazing but the atmosphere was great. We ate in the west wing where we could see the rose throughout our lunch.

Later that afternoon my sister and I went to see Enchanted Tale with Belle. It is sort of aimed at kids so we weren't sure what to expect but actually it was fabulous. Super cute and lots of people got to participate in the story not just the little kids. I got to be the wardrobe!

The Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite rides but is has long been taken out at Disneyland. Disney World still has it so we had to ride it twice to make up for the fact that we can't ride it in California.

We went back to Epcot on Monday morning since my sister hadn't gotten to go when we went on Saturday. We rode lots of rides and then found a Degas painting to pose it on our way to catch the boat to Hollywood Studios. We had a fun afternoon in Hollywood Studios riding Tower of Terror twice but managed to not take any pictures.

Thanks to my Fitbit I know that I walked between 15,000 and 25,000 steps a day while exploring Disney World with my family. Knowing that I had broken my food in October I was a little worried about how my feet would do with all that walking but they actually did pretty well.

Part of the reason my feet held up so well was I was using my sample of Sole Patches. They stuck right into my tennis shoes and stayed put the whole trip. Apparently you can also stick them right to your feet but that just sounded weird so I stuck to wearing them in my shoes.

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