Friday, June 19, 2015

New Season, New Decorations

I have had my spring decorations up in our condo since I took our Easter decorations down.  Spring is about to end so I figured it was time to move onto the next season.  Summer is really the hardest season to come up with decorations for.  The only holiday that occurs during the summer is the 4th of July so I decided to embrace some patriotic decorations for now and worry about the rest of the summer in a few weeks.

Some pretty towels to dress up my kitchen just a little.

A patriotic star to hang on my laundry room door.  Gotta love the Target dollar spot!

Rather than put away my "grass" I just added some red, white and blue garland and made it look like the stars were growing in my grass.  Don't mind everything around my wooden bowl.  My fiancee was sorting some paperwork on our table and I didn't want to mess up his sorting by moving the papers.

I love this garland and how festive it looks.  It is patriotic but could also just be used for a birthday or outdoor party too.  It is longer than all of my other garlands but it covers up our heater control (which we definitely don't need) so I like the way it make the wall look.

A few more Target dollar spot finds add a little patriotic spice to our bar.  I love fireworks so these make me smile.  Speaking of fireworks I am anxiously awaiting my next trip to Disneyland because there is a new 60th anniversary fireworks that have premiered since the last time I was there.  Come on August! Get here faster!

I didn't have the too many ideas a few weeks ago but don't worry now I have a few summer decoration ideas up my sleeve for when I take down my 4th of July decorations down!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty and festive!
    I love the tassel garland!
    And Disney fireworks are the best--you are lucky :) :)