Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Random Thoughts Because It Is Too Hot To Think

You know how a few weeks ago I was enjoying some nice pleasant weather in the 70s.  Yeah, that was a nice time.  That time seems to be over.  Saturday and Sunday the high was about 85 and Monday the high was 95.

We don't have air conditioning so needless to say I am spending my evening drinking cold water and sitting in my thinest pajamas waiting for the temperature to drop back to a comfortable level.  Best warm weather pajamas ever.  Don't be scared away by the price.  I bought these about 2 years ago (when I will admit I still had a discount at Nordstrom) and wear them pretty much all summer and they still look exactly the same as they did when I first bought them. If this pajama ever comes out in purple I will be the first one in line to pay full price for them.

Ironically, after talking about how much I enjoy board games on Friday, I ended up playing a new board game Friday night with my fiancee, my brother in laws, sister in law and mother in law.  If any of you have ever played Mafia you will love The Resistance.  Two people are spies and the rest of the players are the resistance.  You try to help your side win the missions and whichever group wins the most missions wins the game.

We played this game three times and not once did I get to be a spy!  My sister in law and I both ended up being resistance all three times.  I think this calls for a rematch!

We went to a birthday party for a cute little one year old this weekend.  I think this is just the beginning of a season in our lives where we will be attending many children's birthday party.  The party was at a park near our house and even though the weather was pretty warm there it was quite a fun little party.  I had lots of fun looking at all the baby boy clothes and ended up picking out this Mini Boden set (along with another I can't find a picture of) for the birthday boy.

Sunday my fiancee had to run some errands so I was home alone for most of the day.  I took the opportunity of being home without distractions to get some serious cleaning done.  I scrubbed down both my kitchen and my bathroom.  Not the most fun way to spend a hot day but it needed to be done.  I had grand plans to reorganize a few of my kitchen cabinets but that just didn't happen.  There is always next weekend!

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