Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night I went to a Toby Keith concert with one of my sisters (the other one was supposed to go too but was not feeling well) at Shoreline.  I live about 25 minutes away without traffic and we didn't leave until 6:25 for a 7 PM concert so I knew we were going to be a bit late.  This is our first concert (out of 8) for the year so I am sure we will get the timing down but we majorly underestimated the amount of traffic we would hit getting off the exit at the concert.

We managed to completely miss the first opening act (who we had never heard of) but we only missed the first 5 minutes of the Eli Young Band (the second opening act) so we were ok with that.

We got all settled in our spot on the lawn and got our beers, pretzels and got out some goldfish in time for the main event.

By the time Toby Keith came on around 9 it had gotten dark which made it hard to take a good picture of the stage but we had a blast alternating between sitting on our blanket and dancing.

The lawn is sloped downward so if everyone had been sitting down we would have had a decent view, but of course that is not going to happen so there were screens up too.

My fiancee dropped us off and picked us up (thank you hon!) so after the concert found him and headed home.  The trip home was much faster than our trip to the concert!

Saturday I did laundry, tidied up around the condo and ran some errands.  I also met up with a friend at the mall to do some shopping.  She needed something to wear for a presentation on Tuesday and I had to return something and buy a present for a birthday party I am going to next weekend.  We were very successful and accomplished all of our missions in addition to finding a few other things we "couldn't" live without.  She bought a few shirts at Macy's and I got a romper at The Loft. 

I almost didn't even try it on because they didn't have it in what I thought would be my size.  I ended up trying it on in a smaller than normal size and it fit beautifully.  I can't wear it to work but I plan to get use out of it on weekends this summer!

Speaking of fitting into a smaller size, we are having another Biggest Loser contest at work and it starts on Monday.  I have lost about 15 pounds so far but for the last month or so I have just been maintaining my weight loss instead of losing.  Being able to maintain my weight loss is great but I have another 15 pounds or so to go so I am using this contest as good excuse to start focusing on weight loss again.

Sunday I slept in a bit and then got ready to go wedding dress shopping.  Even though I can't share all the pictures (in case a certain someone is reading this) I think this event deserves a post of its own. Come back later in the week for a full wedding dress shopping recap.

Have a great week!

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