Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Decorations

Last week was outrageously hot.  Like over 100 degrees hot!  This week the weather has turned a corner and a breeze has been blowing through the bay area making it feel like fall.  I know this fall weather is not going to last without at least a few more really hot days but I am taking what I can get.

Last weekend I broke out my fall decorations.  My dining table is again a mess of papers and filing but that didn't stop me from decorating.  I filled my wooden bowl some fake gourds and artificial leaves.  Last year I bought real gourds but they rotted before the season was over so this year I bought fake ones.

I added some gourd garland to the basic wreath that has been hanging on my laundry room door all summer.  I didn't actually even hook the garland to the wreath.  I just kind of shoved it in the middle of the wrath and it stayed.

A few leaves and a pumpkin decorate my bar.  There is also a black metal pumpkin there but it is a bit hard to see in this picture.  

I bought these two silver and gold pumpkins at the dollar section of target but I haven't decided if I am keeping them or not.  They were only $3 each but I am not sure they really go with the rest of my decor.

Now that I have the counter between my entry way and my kitchen cleaned off of all the junk that had accumulate there I have more space to decorate.

Another wire mesh pumpkin and some more leaves (I have a whole bunch of them) sit at one end of the counter.

The balls don't look as sparkly in the picture as they do in real life but my candle is sitting in pretty fall colored balls that I just love.  The vase fits right on top of a ring of fall branches which happened to match the vase filler perfectly.

I am really happy that my house is all decked out for fall and that for the moment the weather is cooperating.  I have a few Halloween touches to throw in in a few weeks (hello purple sparkly spider) but most of these decorations will stay up until I put my Christmas decorations up.  

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  1. Cute decor! I'm in southern California and can totally relate to the hot's been high 80s and 90s here allllll week. I can't wait for cooler weather! :)