Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wedding Update

I know it has been a while since I did any sort of update on how my wedding planning is going.  Some things are going along swimmingly and other things are giving me panic attacks.

Let's start with the good stuff.  I ordered my save-the-dates about 2 weeks ago and they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  Life happened and we never got around to taking formal engagement photos.  I was freaking out a bit about this because I wanted to have a nice photo on our save-the-date cards.  My fabulous cousin and her fabulous photography skills stepped in and we had a makeshift engagement photo shoot at the winery my cousin works at.

We ended up with a gorgeous photo to use and I am so happy with it.  We ended up deciding to do a postcard.  I have gathered almost all of the addresses I need so the save-the-dates are going quite well and should be sent out in the next couple of weeks. 

I am making progress on getting some other details set for Hawaii and everything is going well on that front.  This is not my bouquet obviously but I am sure my bouquet will have some sort of purple theme.  This is me we are talking about!

Due to some health issues of people we care about, in addition to getting married in Hawaii like we had planned, we are also going to have a church wedding in November here in California.  Yes, I said November.  Two months from now!  Since we are getting married in a church in California we decided to just have a ceremony at the resort in Hawaii instead of a church there.

The church and the reception location (my parent's house) have all fallen into place and we ordered our rings this weekend so that is taken care of.  We are keeping everything as simple as possible for this wedding since we are doing everything again in Hawaii.  We are going to order some food from a local restaurant, get some sort of yummy cake and lots of drinks.  I am planning to do just a little bit of purple decorating to make it festive and call it a day.  

What has not fallen into place is my dress!  I have ordered (and sent back) many white dresses from Nordstrom in hopes of finding something simple since this wedding is not going to be as fancy as the Hawaii one. 

 I have an idea in my head and nothing is working out the way I want it to.  The time frame in which I need this dress also throws a wrench into things.  I have one dress on order that is supposed to arrive on Thursday so I have high hopes for that.  If that dress doesn't work out I really am going to start having panic attacks.

I am planning to wear a different dress in California and Hawaii so my sister and I have an appointment in October in Beverly Hills at the Anthropologie bridal store to look for a Hawaii dress.  Looking at the website there is going to be no shortage of dresses for me to try on while I am there.  So many pretty dresses!

Any advice on not having panic attacks when planning two weddings appreciated!

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