Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend(s) Wrap Up

Last weekend was a 3 day weekend but I felt like it flew by.  Saturday my fiancee and I spent the day in Salinas doing various wedding prep things.  I took my fiancee to First Awakenings for brunch since he had never been.  He ordered something that he didn't end up loving but I told him that was just an excuse to come back again.

Sunday we got up early (really early) to go with my mother in law to to church.  After church we went to a brunch place which she loves but I was not crazy about what I ordered.  I was trying to eat somewhat healthy and the oatmeal was just kind of blah.

Sunday afternoon I decided it was time to pamper myself a bit and get a pedicure.  Gossip magazines and foot massages are a good combination!

I spent my extra day off doing chores around the house and getting out my fall decorations.  Details on my decorations coming later in the week but by sliding glass door looked so clean and shiny that I had to take a picture of it.  I wash the inside on a fairly basis but I won't tell you (because it has been so long I can't remember) the last time I took the time to wash the outside of the door.

My short week at work few by and dragged at the same time.  We are in our busiest time of year and I am also on a hiring interview panel so I didn't spend to much time at my desk this week.  The hiring (for the position I am involved in) should finish up this week so hopefully a good chunk of the work that accumulated on my desk will actually get done.

Saturday I drove down to Salinas and had the privilege of attending a bridal shower for my cousin-in-law.  She and my cousin actually got married in July but the shower wasn't held until this weekend.  The shower was a lovely house right near where my parents live so I headed to my parents and my mom and I went to the shower together.  The colorful dress I was thinking about wearing didn't arrive in time so I wore this grey dress that I got a few weeks ago and my big chunky blue necklace

We played a fun word game and she got lots of fun presents but I do have to say mine was the best.  I bought her the prettiest and most comfortable little nighty.   I have this nighty not only in the black that I gave to her but also in teal.  If this nighty ever comes out in purple I will be the first one in line to buy it.  Hint to people who know me in real life: This nighty also comes in white and would be perfect for a bride (especially one who already has 2 in size medium). Just saying!

I have lived in mine all summer (and last summer too) and it is just so comfy.  I have washed it I have no idea how many times and it still looks the same as when I bought it.

After the shower my mom and I went to Monterey to continue the search for a wedding dress.  Sadly, I didn't find anything so I am still looking.

Sunday I slept in a bit and then walked to the grocery store to grab a few things while also getting a bit of exercise.  I am all for killing two birds with one stone.  The rest of the day was spend relaxing and doing housework.  Not too glamours, but necessary.  

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