Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Last week I got my 4th Stitch Fix box in the mail.  I opened it and for the first time there was one piece that I immediately without hesitation knew would be going back.  I had pulled out some navy blue old lady leggings.

The pattern seriously looked like it was from someone's 1970's couch.  It was thick stretchy almost brocade fabric.  Not a good look on me.

I had asked for a purple polka dot dress and while they didn't send me one they did try by sending me a purple patterned wrap dress.  I wasn't crazy about this dress so I sent it back.  I know I should look good in wrap dresses on paper but I don't usually like the way they look on me.  I always like they make me look too old and kind of dumpy

I got a black stretchy cardigan thing and while I am all for comfy this wasn't anything special so I didn't keep it.  

This shirt I really thought about keeping.  I love the pattern and the shape of the shirt but the fabric was just a little bit plastic feeling.  It felt like something that was not going to breathe well and I don't like clothing that sticks to me.  If they could just send me this again but in a softer material I will be a happy girl. 

Now onto the good news!  This is the dress I ended up keeping.  I thought it was really cute and I loved the way the back looked.

It is still quite hot here so I know I will get plenty of wear out of this dress before it cools off.  I know I can wear a cardigan with this dress but I would hate to have to cover up the back.

If you want to try Stitch Fix feel free to use my link and try it out.  Happy shopping!


  1. I like the dress! I'm reading so many posts about people getting Stitch Fix in the mail! I'll have to try it out!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the dress you kept, it looks great on you!