Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Wrap-Up

Anthropologie was playing with my emotions on Wednesday night.  A while back I had been admiring a pretty blue and white dress and was debating ordering it once it went on sale.

Much to my dismay it sold out before it ever went on sale so no dress for me.  I had almost forgotten about the pretty dress and then while browsing the sale section I saw the dress.  It was on sale and the only size not sold out was medium.  That is my size so I decided it was meant to be and added it to my basket.  It showed in stock but when I went to checkout it said that the dress was not available to ship to my location.  What?!?!  I tried a couple of times and it still wouldn't let me buy it!

I ended up giving up on the dress and just bought the two other dresses I had in my cart and calling it a night.

This dress was just too fun and colorful to pass up and I think that it will do really nice things for my waist.  Hopefully it is as cute as I imagine it to be.  I am hoping it is delivered in time to possibly wear to a bridal shower next weekend but then again I might want to wear the other dress I bought to the shower.  A good problem to have.

This dress is completely outside of my normal style but I am giving it a try.  Not sure if the shape will be flattering or not but I can always return it if it doesn't fit.  

Much to my surprise both of the dresses I ordered a few weeks ago from Anthropolgie I loved and ended up keeping.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of myself in them but maybe I will get to that this weekend.  The grey one is so comfy that I just want to live in it.  The shape is super undefined but the back hangs beautifully and gives it some flair.  
The black one is a little dressier than it looked in the picture but fits well.  It accentuates all the right places and who doesn't need another little black dress. Anthropologie and I have a hit and miss relationship but lately I have been loving their stuff.  A lot of things there are just too expensive for me to justify buying but sometimes when things are on sale they are in my price range.

I did a few other things this week besides online shopping, I promise!  Work has been pretty busy and it added to the busyness that my manager is out of the country on vacation.  I have been interviewing candidates for a position in our department, running our unit in my manager's absence and still trying to do my everyday tasks. I am glad it's Friday is an understatement!

I also made a lasagna in portobello mushrooms which turned our really well.  My fiancee like them so much he asked me to make another batch the next day.  It is a variation on a Skinny Taste recipe so it actually fairly low in calories.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and enjoy your three day weekend!

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  1. Norman told me about the lasagna mushrooms!! They look amazing!