Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Scarves

I am linking up with Andrea's and Erika's Favorite Things today.  The topic is favorite scarves.  Despite the warm weather outside it is plenty air conditioned inside my office.  I have worn a few of my favorite scarves over the last few weeks and pretended that the weather outside matched.  

This is one of the older scarves in my collection.  I bought it in BP at Nordstrom a few years ago when I still worked there.  Hello discount! I debated the practicality of a an off white scarf but I ended up getting it anyway.  I am glad I did because it really does go with lots of things and is actually quite warm. I don't generally need something terribly warm in California unless I venture to Lake Tahoe but it does getting chilly sometimes waiting at the lightrail station.

This pretty floral scarf is lightweight and though I generally prefer infinity scarves I wear this one quite often.  My sister bought it for me at a store in Ireland called Primark.  If you are every in Ireland or the UK I definitely recommend checking out Primark.  It has all kinds of basics and trendy things for super cheap prices.  Not the world's best quality but for fun trendy pieces it totally serves its purpose.  Tip: If you go to the one in London go right when it opens because it gets crazy crowded and chaotic fast.  

Another fun scarf from the BP department at Nordstrom.  I bought this scarf recently to send to another blogger named Amber as part of a fun scarf exchange but I liked it so much that I ended up buying myself one too.  Come back on October 7th to see what my scarf exchange buddy sent me!  

My other sister bought this scarf for me last Christmas.  She knows me well so of course it is purple!  This picture is from last winter and I can't believe that I can actually see the difference in my face since I lost a bit of weight.

I have this scarf in a really pretty teal color but I couldn't find any pictures of myself wearing it.  It is a nice warm infinity scarf that is a great color with my hair and skin color.

Looking forward to seeing what scarves other people are wearing.

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  1. I'm loving the BP Plaid Infinity Scarf! I have an off white scarf too and didn't think I'd end up wearing it that much but I do!