Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who I Would Invite to a Dinner Party?

When I think about what 5 people I would invite to a dinner party there are a couple of directions I could go with this.  I can always go for a really fun girls night with my friends since as we get older it is harder and harder for all of us get together at one time in one place since we live all over the world.  I know it is going to get even harder once we all start having kids but I am hoping to see most of them at my wedding next summer.

I decided to go the sentimental route and have a fictional dinner party where my fiancee gets to meet and hang out with all four of my grandparents.  One of my grandfathers is still alive, one grandfather died when I was in middle school, one of my grandmothers died about 5 years ago and my other grandmother died before I turned two.  

I only knew two of my four grandparents as adults (ok one I really didn't get to know at all) so I would love to have real conversations with them as an adult.  

My fiancee has met my grandpa on my mom's side but meeting someone when they are 90 is not quite the same as meeting them at their best.  

My mom's mom got to meet me but obviously I have no memories of her.  I have heard a lot about how much I am like her from my love of shopping to my choice of college.  I am sure she and I would have some fun conversations comparing Scripps in her day in the 50's to my time at Scripps 10 years ago.  I also imagine having some major shopping discussions because she had some fabulous outfits.

I have the types of memories of my Opa one would expect from a kid's point of view.  I remember him being grumpy and goofy all at the same time.  I would love to get to make some memories and have real conversations with my Opa.

My Grannie Frannie was just the funniest full of life person.  She had her opinions and she felt that because she was old she had earned the right to make those opinions known.  I have taught my fiancé to play many of the card games and board games my Grannie taught me to play and I would love to end my dinner party with a few (or a lot of) cocktails and a good game of cards.  I can still hear my Grannie clinking her glass for a refill and denying that she cheats.  No denying that one Grannie!  We all know you are sneaky!

Good food, great drinks and a good game of cards with my fiancee and all four of my grandparents would be a great evening.

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