Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Costumes-Show & Tell Tuesday

Today is all about costumes.  With Halloween being a Saturday this year I am not sure I will even dress up this year.  I don't have any parties to go to this year nor do I have anyone to trick or treat with so my only opportunity to dress up would have been work.

I love Maleficent!  When I was in high school I got this really cool, heavy almost velour Maleficent costume.  I don't have any pictures of me in it but I still have it with grand plans to wear it again.  It is an awesome costume but very very warm.  It is the perfect costume for trick or treating but not for wearing to any sort of indoor event.  As soon as I have kids old enough to trick or treat but not be scared of my in the costume I will break it out again.

I had a ton of fun dressing up for Halloween parties in college. Senior year I dressed up as Cher from Clueless and a friend dressed up as Dion.  Another friend dressed up as Ty but I couldn't find a picture of all three of us together.

Sophomore year was all about pirates.  My friends and I dressed up as fabulous glamorous pirates and wenches.  It is hard to see but I even had a parrot to carry around.  It is impressive what you can find when you raid the dress up box of the children you babysit at home. 

Not Halloween but still a dress up night.  There was a big Catholic school girl party every year and this is a group of us about to head out.  Believe it or not we had on some of the more tame costumes at this party.

Junior year I went to costume party where the theme was "Brought to you by the letter B".  I am dressed up as Ballerina Barbie along with a friend as a bandit and a whole group of people as Barnum & Bailey's Circus complete with ringmaster.

All the way back in 6th grade I dressed up as Mrs. Claus and I am next to my cousin in his Robin Hood costume.  Isn't he cute.  I am sure he will love me posting pictures of his 5 year old self.

The few years after college that I lived near my parents I would always go over to their house to hand out candy because they got way more kids at their house than I did at mine.  Halloween was usually a work day so my go to costume was "The Queen of Everything".  This costume consisted of a fancy sparkly dress I wore to my aunt's wedding, a crown and lots of glittery make-up.  Super easy to throw on and super popular with all the little neighborhood girls.

No costume planned for this year but I am biding my time until I have an excuse to dress up again.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. LOVE these! My favorite has got to be the Cher and Dion one. How fun is that?
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)