Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LA Trip Recap...Lemonade, cookies and The Getty

I headed to LA this past weekend for a dress mission. was a success!  A friend (one of my bridesmaids) and I headed to my parent's house after work on Thursday and slept there.  The two of us along with my sister headed out bright and early on Friday.  Ok, not bright (it was 6:30 AM) but it was definitely early.  After a bit of traffic coming down The Grapevine we arrived in Beverly Hills in plenty of time for my appointment.

We headed to Lemonade for a delicious lunch of salads, truffle mac & cheese and of course lemonade.  I had a blueberry mint lemonade and it was delicious.  For now Lemonade is only in SoCal but the website lists 3 Bay Area locations as coming soon!  

After lunch we headed to BHLDN and it was dress shopping time!  I decided that dress shopping deserved a whole post of its own so come back on Friday for that part of the trip.

After dress shopping we killed a little time with a drink at California Pizza Kitchen before heading to meet my friend's mom for dinner.  We had Mexican for dinner and then headed to a show.  We had tickets to see American Idiot in Hollywood.  A former classmate (and friend) of my friend was in the show and his part was outrageous and totally fun.  He even had a pink mohawk!  He (and the rest of the cast) was fantastic but I can't say it was one of my favorite shows.  The acting, dancing and singing were great but there was really no plot.

My sister had to get up early to head to a law school forum (the other reason we came to LA) but my friend and I slept in bit before picking up another friend and heading to The Getty on Saturday.  We hadn't been to The Getty since college (so it had been a while) and we were excited.

The view from The Getty doesn't disappoint. We wandered around and viewed lots of interesting exhibits.

There was a really interesting Japanese photography exhibit that we all enjoyed.  Not the kinds of things you would display in your living room but some really powerful images.

That the weather was warm was a understatement.  It was at least 90 degrees out so as much as I know the gardens are beautiful we decided against walking through them.  The sun was so warm and bright that the museum loaned out lovely beige umbrellas to people who were brave enough to explore the gardens.

The weather was perfect to wear my pretty rainbow colored dress and because I wasn't at work I didn't have to wear a sweater over it.  My friend got to wear her new shirt too!

After we finished our very warm visit to The Getty we decided it was ice cream sandwich time!  I had a chocolate chip walnut cookie and a white chocolate macadamia cookie with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the middle.

We were staying with my friend's parents so we ended the day standing on their patio looking at the gorgeous sunset over the ocean.

Sunday after a detour to Claremont for a few hours we headed back home.  A fast, tiring but overall very successful trip to LA.  Come back Friday for a full recap of dress shopping!

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