Friday, October 2, 2015

Wedding Update...Dress News

I know I left my last wedding update on a cliffhanger so I figured I better do another update.

When I last updated I was waiting for a dress that I had ordered to come in the mail.  The dress came and as soon as I walked in the door (my fiancee wasn't home) I opened the box and proceeded to put it on.

I had ordered the dress based on my hip measurements so the bodice of the dress was understandably a little big.  I still have to take the dress to a tailor to make sure they can alter the bodice in the way I want it to fit but assuming that goes as expected I have found my dress for my November ceremony.

Obviously I can't post a picture of the dress but this is the dress.  Fiancee if you are reading this DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK!  I think the link defaults to the burgundy version of the dress so just switch it to ivory and you have my dress.  I have to find a sparkly belt to go with it but I am happy to have found my dress.

Next on my agenda to prep for my November wedding is to find some shoes and pick out a hairstyle.  I have pinned a few options but am open to suggestions!

In less than 2 weeks I head down to Beverly Hills with my sister to try on dresses at the Anthopologie Bridal store for my June wedding and I can't wait!  Planning two wedding is a bit stressful but one upside is that I do get to wear two wedding dresses.  I thought about wearing the same one at both weddings but I really want to have that wow moment as I walk down the aisle at both so two dresses it is.

In other news this week we went and got a marriage license so that is another thing to check off my to do list!

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