Monday, October 26, 2015

Favorite Fall Finds Under $50

This past week it has finally begun to feel a bit like fall.  Don't get me wrong, it is still about 80 at the warmest part of the day, but at least in the mornings there is a definite chill in the air.

I bought this scarf as part of a scarf exchange and I like it so much I had to buy it for myself too.  It has all the fall colors but is super light so I can wear it without overheating. This scarf is less than $20 at Nordstrom.

This shirt just came in the mail last week and I am wearing it for the first time tomorrow.  The blue is such a great shade and it plays off my blue eyes really well.  I don't really like wearing strapless bras so I am deciding between wearing navy tank top underneath or wearing a black bra.  I am leaning toward the tank top option.

I wrote about this dress last week and while it is not outwardly "fall" in looks it has been one of my favorite purchases of the fall.  I had to dress up quite a bit last week so I was happy that last Thursday I was able to wear this flowy dress.  The way I have style the dress with the belt and cardigan I can definitely wear it with tights as the weather gets cooler. That is if it every actually gets cool enough to wear tights.  I think last winter I wore tights about 3 times and broke out my umbrella about that many times too.

This cute little spider is my favorite fall decorative purchase.  He is hanging out with my glitter pumpkins and will stay there a few more weeks until I break out my Thanksgiving touches.


  1. That navy top is great! And I swear I need to get that scarf now!

  2. I love the navy top and it would go great with a white shirt underneath! The glitter pumpkins are so festive-I love it!

  3. Love your multi-colored blouse! Gorgeous!