Monday, October 5, 2015

Week (end) Wrap Up

Work has finally started to slow down a bit which as been nice.  I work in county government so somethings interesting things happen at work as a result of that.

Sometimes interesting means groups of protesters in the lobby of my floor but sometimes interesting also means that pseudo-celebrities  show up on my floor.  Last week as part of a county fitness initiative to kick off the sign ups for our local turnkey trot they brought in one of the contestants from the Bachelorette.  The event was after work so he had to hang out on our floor prior to the event.  Ben is a fitness professional from my local area so it makes sense for him to promote fitness in our area.  I don't actually watch the show but I was told he was on the most recent season of the Bachelorette. I am fairly short but he really is that tall.

Life outside of work has not slowed down. This weekend I headed down to Salinas for some wedding prep things.  I met up with my mom, my sister and my aunt and we went to look at cakes.  I am not a big cake fan so there will be other desserts at the reception but some people insisted there should be a cake to cut.  I ended up picking out a very simple small cake with white fondant frosting and a purple ribbon around it.  There will be some purple flowers on top and we will call it a day.

After cake picking out it was time to go pick out a bouquet.  I know November is not the best time of year for purple flowers but I couldn't have my bouquet be any other color. My bouquet will look something like this but without the picture on it.  My aunt is doing some flower arrangements for the church and to decorate my parents house for the reception. After we talked about what I wanted we all headed to lunch.

Sunday night my sister and I had our last concert of the season.  Sad face!  We saw Rascal Flatts and they were very good.  Since this concert was not on a Friday night my sister was able to come up early so we could go out to dinner first.  My fiancee was kind enough to drop us off at a restaurant down the street and then come pick us up and take us to the concert.  I think he volunteered because he doesn't like this restaurant and was just happy I was taking someone else instead of making him go.  

I don't know how someone doesn't like a place that makes a margarita and sangria swirled drink!

We left the concert a bit before it was over because we both had to be at work the next morning but overall it was a very fun evening.

A few other events made this weekend a bit stressful and tiring but I am looking forward to my short week before heading down to LA and dress shopping.   

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