Friday, October 23, 2015

A Few New Purchases (and some that are going back) Part 2

A few more of my recent (ok last 6 months or so) purchases today.  

I saw this black dress and I thought hmm do I really need another little black dress?  Well, I decided the answer was yes.  I ordered this dress from Anthropologie one day on a whim and I ended up loving it.  It is hard to see in this picture but the fabric is gathered off to one side a the waist and it makes the dress really interesting.  The dress has a little bit of a more formal feel to it so I have not had an occasion to wear it yet but I am looking forward to wearing it.

I am loving this super colorful dress that I got on sale at Anthropologie recently.  It is sleeveless but looks great with a cardigan over it for work.  I was a little worried when I ordered it that the keyhole would show off a bit too much but it actually is very thin so nothing shows.  I even got to wear it on my trip to LA without a sweater.

This dress is another purchase I made that is a bit of a different shape for me.  I love maxi dresses but I tend to favor things with a waist.  When I got it I was quite happy with how flowy and comfy it is but I may end up looking for some sort of belt to wear with it anyway.

I love a good maxi dress but when I got this dress in the mail I was not a huge fan.  It was very long and the neckline was not great on me. The waist kind of hit me in a weird too.  I still like the dress and the fabric was super comfy but this dress is for someone else.

I also ended up returning this dress after I tried it on  The stripe that looks redish in the picture is actually close to a brown in real life.  The bodice of this dress was really tight on my chest but the skirt fit.  That is odd because my lower half is not small.

I have had this outfit for a while but finally wore it for the first time this week.  I have this same skirt in black so when I saw it in navy I decided I needed to add it to my pencil skirt collection.  I didn't actually have a navy pencil skirt (I know! Hard to believe) so it was a welcome addition.  I also have this shirt in a redish color an it fits so well that when I saw it in navy and white stripes I bought it.  It looks really great with the skirt so I am sure I will be wearing it quite often.
While in Beverly Hills finding my wedding dress my sister, friend and I had some extra time so we headed to the sale section of the Anthropologie we were in. I ended up finding this dress and loving it.  I have been wearing it with belt though I have grand plans to still be able to wear it when I am pregnant.  It is kind of odd to think that my fiancee (very soon to be husband) and I are thinking we will start trying to have a baby in less than a year.  We had talking about it for so long that it is really strange that it is so close.  
I am sure there are a few more things hiding in my closet that I have bought recently so if that is the case expect there to be a part 3 to this post.  For now, happy Friday and happy shopping!

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